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About Wahana

PT Wahana Achievement Logistics is the primary go-to source for the Indonesian society when it comes to courier service needs. It offers freight service via land, sea, and air. Also available are modern warehousing facilities regardless of the kind of space you need to keep your items. You may occupy a large area or a shelf with a specific temperature to ensure the goods are handled with care.

The company is committed to meet or exceed the customer's expectation by possessing the core values every company should have – integrity, commitment, responsibility, and timeliness. The company is known to have a fast delivery of an item and consistently fulfill its quoted timeline.

The company also takes advantage of the products and resources produced by the latest technology. Thus, Wanna has efficiently delivered its service to thousands of locations nationwide. It is also the trusted company of businesses who want to send a package outside the country.

The new form of IT allows the company to have a comprehensive and enhanced service. Their process was also developed and creates a faster delivery. Wanna reach the other countries in providing courier service. 'it also has a mail delivery suitable for different sectors.

It currently has 250 vehicles for transporting the goods to various locations. It also has [60 branches nationwide so people can quickly access the services it offers. The number of employees who want to help the company grow is also getting more prominent. Currently, it has 1,400 retail agents assisted by 2,000 well-trained workers.

This expansion allows the company to open its doors to many people who valued its services. When it comes to the affordability of offers, Wanna also leads the industry. It never fails its clients and has even made more loyal customers because of its exceptional customer service.