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About The Professional Couriers

Professional Couriers, with a Head Office at Mumbai, India, started when a group of youngsters decided to build their own business instead of finding their fortune anywhere. In 1986, the Directors of the company ventured into courier service, and it was on November 1, 1987, when The Professional Couriers (PTC) was incorporated. These people behind the establishment of Professional Couriers were also called the Octo Professionals. They nurtured the company with care thus, resulting in a more productive and well-developed company.

Following their mission, they were able to provide thousands of job opportunities to many people. Currently, the company expanded its service by having 20 Regional Offices with 2,485 branches. They also established 5,000 Collection Centers to provide easy access to many people. These establishments were located in 25,000 different destinations both domestic and international.

In 1999, it successfully launched its International Subsidiary Company, known as the M/S The Professional International Couriers Pvt. Ltd. The company opened its International Hub Operations located in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai. It also has Business Associates in Singapore and Dubai to extend their service in 230 countries.

Professional Couriers offers an extensive range of services such as delivery of documents and parcels, urgent shipments in entire India and worldwide, and cargo delivery of perishable goods. It also offers customized services using the integrated system by Surface Transport and Air and Sea Freight.

Also available is professional courier tracking where a customer can make the transaction via online. It is made possible because the company has an advanced system used to track the shipments and send real-time information to the customers. The integrations also allow the company to process the delivery of shipments right after they receive the order made by the customer through online. The efficiency of its services sets the company apart from the competition, making it a leader of integrity, innovation, and excellence.