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About Spanish Seur

In 75 years of serving the industry, SEUR provides exceptional service, making it a leader in innovation and developments. It became the backbone of companies and sectors in different sizes in three business areas: eCommerce, B2B, and international services.

This pioneer company in Spain currently have 7,100 employees collaborating to serve more than 1.2 million customers. SEUR has been part of their lives for providing them accessible and convenient services. With the fleet of 4,500 vehicles packed with GPS system, every parcel is guaranteed to be safe and secure as it arrives at the location.

As the company expands its service, it established 1,400 accessible branches nationwide to make it easier for people to do any transaction with the company. Now that the modern technology has invaded the industry, SEUR also makes sure that their systems are updated to provide an efficient service to millions of people who rely on them. Through the internet, customers also have the option to track their packages in the company's portal. They can also make a payment through it as well as ask for a free quote.

SEUR is a part of the DPDgroup, which is one of the renowned urgent transport networks in the world. The integrated system allows the company to deliver the items swiftly without a lot of fuss. The company continues to be innovative, and it creates an interactive system to manage the shipment as well as to guarantee a one to a 2-hour delivery timeline. They can accommodate both domestic and international delivery, sending parcels of different sizes and weight.

The dedication of the team has been proven because of these services they provide. The distribution of the packages is more straightforward and comprehensive. They are focused on the development and flexibility so they will never get behind no matter new technology exists.