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About SMSA Express

SMSA Express is a leading courier service company located in Saudi Arabia. It has helped millions of businesses and people since it was established in 1994. As the company strives to give their seamless service, it has expanded its service to more than 230 destinations outside the country. Its vast network covered 325 cities and towns in the entire Kingdom. It was able to meet the demand with dignity and pride, leading it to receive the "Best Company to Work For" award.

It is the dynamic leader when it comes to cost-effective express, freight forwarding, logistics, and domestic and international shipping services. In addition to this, it also developed a tailor-made solution for its pick-up and delivery services to make it convenient for the customers to receive or send their packages. Numerous organizations from the government and non-government institutions rely upon their courier needs to SMSA.

It has unique services for various needs of businesses, mailroom management, and eCommerce solutions. It also offers SMSA tracking service, so the customers don't have to travel and get the updates regarding their shipments. The status of the parcel is visible using the tracking number that you will receive at the time you place your order. You will then be notified once the item arrives at the exact location.

SMSA Express also has a strict implementation of passing the customs clearance department every transaction so all incoming shipments are cleared and legal. Whether the items need to be shipped by air, sea, or road, the company set itself responsible for accomplishing the licenses and certificates in handling dangerous packages.

SMSA Express has shown that they are serious in their mission in providing an exceptional courier experience to the entire country as well as to other covered nations. It received several awards due to the high-quality service it offers as well as its integrity to make each process right.