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About Saudi Post

The Saudi Post is one of the oldest postal service providers in the country. Before any advancements happen, the institution experienced different developments to sustain the needs of the households in the postal industry. The mails, which are just carried at the back of an animal, would usually arrive at the location after 14 hours of travel.

To accommodate the demand of the community, the Saudi Post joined the Universal Postal Union in the year 1348. At that time, the Post, Telephone, and Telegraph Authority managed the communication system until 1373. The responsibility was then transferred to the Ministry of Communications. Since the community who needs the full postal service is getting higher, the postal system started to expand to meet the demand. It was in the 1400s when the Express Mail Service was built.

Due to the rapid change of the technology, Saudi Post exerts an effort to build a strong team to deliver the service to the entire country. Along with the large numbers of employee it hired, the company also adapts to the use of electronic system and internet to provide an efficient and fast service. It currently offers logistics services and a vast number of postal delivery services daily.

These services are made possible through the use of eCommerce platforms and other electronic systems. Also available in its offer are e-Mall, urgent emails, and different mode of payments. Whether you access the website or use your phone to keep in touch with the customer support, both are still a convenient way to reach them. It also enhanced its system by providing speedy and direct delivery of the mail to the customer's location.

As the Saudi Post adapts to the modernization of the industry, it also strengthens its workforce to provide an efficient service to the customers and achieve an optimum return on investment.