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About Purolator

Established on December 5, 1960, Purolator began and was previously named Trans Canadian Couriers, Ltd, which is a subsidiary of American Courier Corp. It started servicing the heart of Eastern Canada by having two staffs only. At that time, the company has restricted operating licenses to other locations, specifically in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

In 1973, it changed its name to Purolator Courier, Ltd. Since it was established, the company acquired other courier services and one of this is the Gelco Express, Ltd. It allows the company to extend its reach to other locations and strengthen its operation in the British Columbia and Western Canada. Its employment grows to 600 people to reach the demand of 240,000 packages per night.

The significant growth of the company is made possible due to the modern world we have today. It successfully extends its service to small and large businesses, as well as to households in different locations in Cana da. The Purolator Tracking is made through the internet to provide the customers the visibility of their packages at every stage.

Currently, it is focused on providing excellent service when it comes to import and export services, customer service, and advanced tools for swift delivery of packages in different sizes. Customers have the opportunity to manage their shipping needs through e-services, whether they want to track their package or create a shipment. It also offers a variety of services for online and offline business solutions. Also available are logistics, freight, and courier services with label enhancements and secured packaging.

These various offers by Purolator set them apart from the competition. Its shipping systems are organized to ensure they meet the customers' expectations in multiple ways. The functionalities of its broad network provide the customer easy access to its products or services. With its extensive facilities and massive workforce, every shipping need is convenient for the benefits of many people.