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About PostNord Sweden

Postnord has served the Swedish society for 370 years, and currently, the company continues to provide an excellent service right at the time it started. Before it turns to a highly modernized company to deliver shipments all over the world, it began the business in the 19th century by purchasing steamboats to send parcels.

It was only in 1903 when it bought the first car for faster delivery and in 1920 when it launched its regular mail airline. The company continues to progress and made one of the most significant changes in the courier industry. It entered the eCommerce business due to the increasing demand of people who keeps on buying goods on the internet.

Postnord met the demands successfully and was able to generate high revenue for going digital. The technological revolution has changed the process of Postnord, thus resulting in a more efficient and fast service that is accessible to many people. This customer-oriented company already have various service and accessibilities to offer like national and international delivery of parcels, pick-up and drop-off locations, large numbers of post offices, electronic invoicing, free quotes or pricing, and tracking of shipments.

Since Postnord went digital, it has expanded its services to millions of people worldwide. Products are highly accessible with just a few clicks on the internet. Customers are free to use their devices to check the progress of their package while it's on its way to the exact location.

The company's adaptability to the advanced and modern world helps it to produce a smooth sailing process of deploying the shipments and notifying the customers of the status in real-time. Presently, the company is unbeatable when it comes to courier services and modernized tools to perform its responsibility efficiently. It is committed to develop the business into a more sustainable company for the benefits of Swedish society.