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About Posti

Posti is one of the primary postal service used by people in Finland as well as the other countries. It is responsible for sending parcels and documents in the country, and the state being the shareholder of this company.

Posti has different services coverage. The postal service is responsible for sending mailings, letters, documents, and magazines in the country. In 2016, the company launched its pilot program to help the elderlies and households by offering lawn mowing. Its staffs are well-trained and flexible that leads them to provide home services aside from their primary function.

Its parcel and logistics service is responsible for the extensive supply chain solutions. It also offers transport, international road, eCommerce, warehousing, customs clearances, and air, sea, and rail freight services. All these services are provided globally.

The company also has logistics services to Russia. And lastly, it also offers OpusCapita which is responsible for providing financial process automation in eight European countries and other international destinations.

One of the most used and convenient services provided by the company is the Netposti. It functions as an e-letter where you can also view the same exact letters you can see on the paper. It may be an invoice, a message from authority, your salary specification, and many other functions. This feature is provided free of charge.

Aside from that, the company also has Post Tracking available where you can see the updated status of your package while being transported. Using the digital and electronic tools, tracking your package is made easy. You can instantly receive the details in few clicks using your device.

In this fast-paced world, the company strives to enhance its services to meet the demands of the customers. It makes use of the resources produced by the advancement of t the technology. The company works efficiently to achieve customer satisfaction.