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About Poste Italiane

Poste Italiane was largest post and logistic service provider in Italy. Besides, they also provide and play an important role in financial services and insurance market within the country, making them one of the top players in that industry in Italy.

Poste Italiane has large network which are 13,000 post offices and 30,000 delivery personnel, makes them top in terms of its size and reach. By their size of the network, it made easier to serve the customers and communities in Italy.

For more than 150 years, they successfully run their business efficiently and effectively, in line with technology advancement. To keep up with rapid technology changes which is driven by digitisation, Poste Italiane comes with document printing and delivery service to meet their customer’s demand. Document printing and delivery service allows customers to have their digital document such as in PDF format, to be printed and delivered to recipient in hard copy form.

Poste Italiane has many subsidiaries organized and managed under them including SDA Express Courier (postal parcel delivery service including express mail and package), Postecom (internet services), BancoPosta (financial services), Postel (document management and communication services), Postemobile (mobile virtual network operator) and Postepay (prepaid card).

Their main business areas are financial services, insurance and asset management and postal and commercial services.

  1. Financial Services
    They come out with BancoPosta, a unit in their post office that helps customer in getting financial services including bank account, payment and electronic money services, promotion to the public on loans service provided by banks and financial intermediaries. Those services are available at all of their post offices within the country.
  2. Insurance and Asset Management
    This service been provided by Poste Vita, one of Poste Italiane subsidiary, that helps them to lead in insurance market in Italy by providing their customers a full line of insurance, pension, investment and savings products.
  3. Postal Services
    Although they are leading in insurance market in Italy, but their main business areas and root of their company is in post and parcel services. Through their multi-channel distribution platform, they have been serving and provide post and parcel delivery services to their customers.