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About Pos Laju

As one of the business units of Pos Malaysia Berhad, Pos Laju offers the broadest network coverage across the country. The company was founded in 1986 and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. Businesses and households can enjoy the products and services of the company through its 1,000 outlets spread all throughout Malaysia. It shows an impressive record in providing door-to-door delivery services for 30 years in the industry.

Since it was founded, the company grows its revenue and workforce to provide wide coverage of service to many people. Its thousands of outlets comprise of 704 Malaysia outlets, 68 branches, 264 mini outlets, 13 service centers, and 151 authorized agents. The company continues to expand until it invested to establish six kiosks, 24 Pos-on-Wheels, and also, 4 Go2U mobile units.

Pos Laju offers Net Day Delivery, Same Day Delivery, Pos Parcel, Pos Laju Pack, Pos Ekspres, On-Demand Pick-Up, and Time Certain Delivery for local services. The latter is available for international deliveries going to Tokyo and Singapore. It also has Express Delivery to over 200 countries worldwide by affiliating with global courier services. In addition to these services, Pos Laju has value added services like Insurance, pick-up service, electronic shipping tools, and advanced packaging tools.

The company is focused on providing an excellent and fast service through the use of advanced tools, from barcode scanning to packaging, to Pos Laju track and trace view. It is dedicated to providing its customers real-time information and visibility of the shipment deliveries. Its barcode system also allows the company to deploy the package quickly.

Pos Laju made it possible to grow in a fast-paced industry where almost all systems rely on the technology. It has a team of experts who brought success to the company in every aspect of their service. Currently, it sustains the volume of demands not just in Malaysia, but to other countries as well.