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About Pos Indonesia

PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) was established on June 25, 1995 in Indonesia. Before it was changed to limited liability company (LLC), Pos Indonesia has experience several company status changed starting from Post, Telegraph and Telephone (PTT) agency, then changed to Perusahaan Negara Pos dan Telekomunikasi (PN Postel). On 1965, it was changed to Perusahaan Negara Pos dan Giro (PN Pos dan Giro) and Perum Pos dan Giro on 1978. After 17 years of existence, they changed to a limited liability company (LLC), with the name of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) which remains today.

Pos Indonesia serves better services to their customers from time to time. As of now, they have about 24,000 pickup points/post offices, reaches the whole district including remote location in Indonesia. In line with technology advancement, Pos Indonesia already has 3,800 online post offices and they also create Postal Code System or mostly known as Sistem Kode Pos to facilitate parcel processing within the country and easily to retrieve with accurate.

Their vision is to be the postal logistics giant from the East with the tagline “We Carry Missions”. They build their future by applying Good Corporate Governance (GCG) as one of their effort in improving company performance.

Pos Indonesia have other two affiliations which are Dana Pensiun Pos Indonesia (Dapenpos) and Politeknik Pos Indonesia. Dapenpos was founded to give benefit to their customer by managing their pension payment at the time of retirement age. While, Politeknik Pos Malaysia was established to produce high quality professional in the industry. They build their credibility in post and logistic field through learning and research process, and community service.

Under Pos Indonesia, there are several subsidiaries which are PT Pos Logistics Indonesia, a leading logistics solutions provider in Indonesia and PT Pos Properti Indonesia, run property management business and other related services. Lastly, they also manage and develop the intranet network through PT Bhakti Wasantara Net (BWN).