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About Poczta Polska

For 459 years of serving the country, Poczta Polska became the dynamic leader of postal services in Poland. This Polish post was established in the 16th century and headquartered in Krakow. When the company acquired its name, it was then divided into two parts: Lithuanian postal service and Italian postal mail. The challenges occur during that time, but as the years go by, Poczta Polska built a good reputation on the postal industry.

As one of the largest postal service provider in the country, Poczta Polska established 7,500 outlets in entire Poland. It employs almost 80,000 well-trained workers who contribute to the progress of the company. It offers various services such as courier, postal, international, logistics, insurance, and financial services.

In 2014, it entered the eCommerce with a mission to provide a complete package of services to millions of households. As the technology is getting advanced, it was able to sustain the modernization by establishing different platforms such as electronic notifications and designing a stamp and sending a package via the internet.

Its price list can also be accessed through the price calculator on its website. Whether you are going to send a package internationally, it shows an accurate data you need. Polish post tracking is another self-service option it has to keep the customer updated about the delivery of their items.

E-services are available, so you don't have to travel and go directly to the post office to avail the company's service. It includes payment processing, sending and receiving mail, cash transfers, and online forms. It also offers insurance protection in case a shipment was damaged or lost.

It has a customer service who can also handle any issue and provide up-to-date information about the company's services. These values show by Poczta Polska are just a few of the evidence on how the company strives to meet the demands of the modern citizens.