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About Paquetexpress

For over 30 years in the courier market, Paquetexpress was able to serve more than 140,000 customers using its diligence and integrity. Many kinds of industries rely on the accessibility of its service that is made possible by its extensive network of branches. It is not only dedicated to helping improve the shipment services in the country of Mexico, but it also extends its assistance to more than 200 countries worldwide.

Paquetexpress is a company that always go with the trend. All its tools are fully digitized for a smooth-sailing process and traceability of the packages while being shipped. With its advanced system, the company secures all the items, thus, giving full attention to proper handling and deployment. Currently, the company has increased its efficiency through the use of a digitized system.

The company ship millions of parcels in a year with excellent remote access to its mobile units for full security. As it adapts to every customer's needs, it further develops its services ranging from domestic and international shipments, messenger service, prepaid payments for documentation, and packaging. To show its value to the customers, it offers a home collection service wherein you don't have to go to any branches to send a package. The team is ready to pick up the shipments from any location.

For a smooth-sailing shipping process, the company also employs customer service to guide you in import and export inquiries, processing of payments, and free quote requests. To ensure the items arrive at the right location or person, the company requires an electronic signature of the recipient. It also offers Saturday deliveries for the customer's convenience. Furthermore, it also provides a detailed report of the shipment history sent directly to your inbox.

Paquetexpress is continuously innovating to ensure it exceeds the quality standard for customer satisfaction. By going digital, it was able to sustain the growing demand for courier service in the country.