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About Kiala

UPS or United Parcel Service is the world's leading package delivery company which is focused on diverse services for the benefits of millions of people. It is a global provider of specialized logistics services using advanced technology.

The company started with a $100 investment before it grows into a multi-million company. A young entrepreneur named James E. Casey found that America is in need of delivery services so, with just a small amount, he established the American Messenger Company located in Seattle, Washington. The company has undergone ups and downs but was still able to sustain the growing demand of the country until it adopted its present name in the year 1919.

Every time a new technology exists and many delivery services were also established, the company did not fail to go with the advancement as well. UPS has significantly expanded by acquiring 40 companies and ventured with some of them. These businesses specialized in air freight services, retail shipping businesses, international trade services, and customs brokerage. As a result, the company now has a vast network of supply chain management and world-class logistics services. UPS has listed the highest tracking record of 6.5 million in a day.

The company uses digital systems to calculate the shipping rates and transit times. People can track the shipments using digital wireless devices. They will receive a real-time report about the status of their package via text messaging or web-based tools. Currently, the company can deliver documents and parcels to different locations worldwide. Drop-off locations spread everywhere to make it accessible for people to make transactions.

From shipping to tracking and billing, UPS is using an integrated system to store the transaction history you made with the company. It enables them to provide fast and efficient service while keeping your package safe and secure. It also has well-trained staffs ready to assist anytime you need.