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About India Post

As one of the longest courier services in the country, the Department of Posts (DoP) serves millions of households and businesses in India. May regular customers already make the company part of their living due to the extensive services it provides. It is not only focused on delivering documents and parcels to different locations across the country, but it also offers other services such as providing Life Insurance covered by Postal Life Insurance (PLI) and Rural Postal Life Insurance (RPLI) and accepting deposits covered by Small Savings Schemes.

Through the effort and dedication of the team, they also offered many services that leads them to the heart of millions of people. They have expanded their offers by providing retail services such as the sale of forms, bill collections, and many more. They are also the instrument in the wage disbursement and senior pension payments that is very beneficial to a lot of households.

Using the wonders of technology, the company also established India Post tracking to send a real-time update about the progress of the package of its customers. They can also take advantage of other eServices like making payments for deliveries and insurance, shopping for forms and stamps, and e-Post.

With the existence of internet worldwide, India Post will never get behind when it comes to its speed post tracking. Its website also offers a free quote to calculate the amount of the package you would like to send. It means that all the services provided by the company are just a few clicks away. People don't have to go anywhere just to get what they need.

India Post has proven their success for more than 150 years in the industry. The company has provided an accessible service to many people which is very convenient and beneficial to many. It is the leader in developing the socio-economic aspect of the country.