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About FirstFlight

First Flight began its service in November 1986 when the society of India needs a reliable courier service. It started with three offices located in Kolkata, Mumbai, and Delhi. It was able to establish 1,200 offices all throughout the country. It also has nine international offices to extend its service to the other nations. This significant expansion allows First Flight to offer various services in many locations for the benefits of the entire community.

The rise of the latest form of technology is also the growth of First Flight. The company quickly adapts to the new tools and devices used to make their tasks faster. It has also dramatically increased the level of its service into a broader and comprehensive one. People were able to access every service through internet-powered devices.

With First Flight tracking, customers have the peace of mind since they can trace the route of the package they sent as well as the person who receives the item. Also included in the tracking system are other valuable information like the time of arrival and location where the item is dropped.

First Flight staffs can easily scan the packages before they are deployed using the digital tools. Once the team accomplishes the clearance required by the Customs, they can quickly dispatch the item because most documents are also digitized. If the customer chooses to keep the item in the warehouse, he still has the peace of mind that the goods are handled with care and stored at a specific temperature.

The wonders of technology provide the company a smooth process in documenting the transactions as well as quick deployment procedures. It contributes to the growth of First Flight which promotes sustainable development to help the company stay in service and continue to provide logistics solutions to businesses and people in many parts of the world.