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About DPD

DPD (Deutscher Paketdienst before rebranded to Dynamic Parcel Distribution in 2008) is part of DPDGroup which is one of largest international parcel delivery network in Europe. DPDGroup is an international delivery network of GeoPost SA, starting in 2015 where GeoPost creates DPDGroup to fit together their four commercial brands including DPD, Seur, Chronopost and Interlink Express. A few years back, DPD was founded and established in 1976 in Germany and begins their international delivery on 1979. In 2001, with an 84.8% stake, GeoPost controls the European network DPD and then in 2006, as stated on DPDGroup official website, they have promotes DPD as their international brand. After that, DPDGroup been founded in 2015.

Currently, DPDGroup with over 60,000 delivery experts have delivered four million parcels to over 230 countries including France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and more. They have helped their customers to send and receive their parcels by providing more than 28,000 pickup points and they are expanding from time to time. The customers can find pickup points nearby of local shops, office, self-service lockers or busy street.

DPDGroup also helps a retailer to grow their business in Europe by providing services for importing and delivery of parcels to Europe which are DPD eParcel and DPD eDirect. Through DPD eParcel, customers can get better solutions in delivery experience based on their requirements while through DPD eDirect, customers can get better pricing for light weight parcels and items that below than 2kgs. To simplify, DPD eDirect is an alternative to registered mail services provided.

In the recent years, DPD has expanded their company by providing better services based on consumer needs including food delivery service in DPD Ireland and grocery delivery service in DPD Germany. They also provide new great service which are a quick parcel pick-up and drop-off service starting on 2016, in DPD France.