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About Correos Express

Correos Express is a renowned parcel company in Spain which is part of the Correos Group. The company has broad networks, allowing it to extend its valuable service to many parts of the country. Its primary mission is to deliver every shipment with urgency and efficiency which have successfully fulfilled.

The company established 2,300 post offices across the country to accommodate the demands of millions of customers from different sectors. They are all located in the most accessible places, so many customers can quickly reach them. One of its distinctive services that makes it unique among other courier services is its delivery with time slot prediction. The company guarantees a fast delivery to accomplish the time quoted to the customer. It makes sure that the parcel arrives without delay.

To efficiently do this one, the company invested in the use of digital tools. Each device contributes to the process of shipping starting from barcode scanning, packaging, tracking the shipments, and on-time delivery. Shipment tracking is one of the essential tools mostly used by many customers. It allows them to trace the route of their package, check the time it arrives in a warehouse, and verify the time of arrival in the location as well as the person who receives the parcel. All these details can be seen with just a single click.

Presently, the company accommodates thousands of deliveries nationwide and to many destinations outside the country. The operation is successful with the help of its 3,000 employees, 1,800 vehicles, and vast network of post offices. As a result, it accommodates about 30 million of shipments annually. Each vehicle is also adequately monitored during the transport to ensure shipments receive maximum protection.

With continuous innovation, the company grows and expands its service allowing millions of people to reach them. The growth of the company shows that customers are loyal and satisfied with the service provided.