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About Correos de Mexico

Correos de Mexico is dedicated to providing parcel deliveries and value-added services in the 98% of the Mexican Republic. Entrepreneurs and households rely on the services that the company offers and make it as part of their living. Since the company was established several years ago, it was able to expand into a full-pledge courier company until it became the necessity of the market.

Correos de Mexico established about 27,000 service points in convenient locations to make it accessible for many people. It can also send thousands of deliveries to 2,800 land routes daily. Its 15,000 employees work together to meet the customer's demands for exceptional quality service.

The distribution of the deliveries is made easy and fast because the company has integrated system connected to the internet. Therefore, from the time that the customer placed his order until the items are packed, and to the time they are delivered, the staffs can monitor every single process that the shipment went through. It results in a smooth-sailing experience for both the company's employees and the customers.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, all transactions are gathered in one place so the company can properly monitor the items while the customers keep track of their parcels. With Mexpost, any customer can send documents and parcel shipments for both national and international locations. The company's broad coverage allows it to make transactions to other countries that also need courier services to and from Mexico.

Requesting a quote is also made easy, so people don't have to call if they need to calculate the cost of their package. The company provides a comprehensive guide, and the price of delivery is also affordable. Additional services also include sending and receiving money and purchasing philatelic products. All these offers are advantageous to the lives of many businesses and households.