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About Correos Chile

Correos Chile, also called Correos de Chile, is a state-owned courier company specializing in money transfers, mailing, freight deliveries, and national and international shipments. The company was founded in 1750. Businesses and individuals in the country of Chile receive many benefits as a solution to their courier needs.

With the commitment to provide a personalized service, the company has successfully made its promise. Currently, it has a fleet of vehicles ready to transport the packages to thousands of destinations in the country. It also has international deliveries by air that can accommodate thousands of parcels in a day. The shipment is smooth-sailing through the effort of its well-dedicated and trained staffs.

The company strictly implements the "Transparency Law" amended by the State of Chile. It is to make sure that the company is seriously taking its goals to integral management. When the internet started to invade the industry and turns it into a modern world, Correos Chile also exerts its full effort to meet the demands of the society. It then launched the use of digital products for smooth-sailing deliveries. It invested a valuable amount for the use of electronic devices that will help them fulfill their responsibilities.

Investing in digital tools is worth it because Correo Chile was able to create its online tracking of shipments to make it accessible for many customers especially for business owners whose time is significant for them. The use of digitized products allows the company to deliver a fast service. Customers need transparency about the shipment details, and the company was able to fulfill this one.

As the company grows broader and broader, it gains more loyal customers who can vouch for its excellent service. It accommodated large orders of shipments and delivered them at the guaranteed time. It continues to be innovative to give the customers what they need.