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About Correo Argentino

With its continual growth and development, Correo Argentino becomes the Argentinian community's primary choice when it comes to courier services. Its several years of existence in the industry allows it to deliver sustainable solutions to the logistics needs of the country.

The company offers a broad range of services, from logistics to value-added services. Presently, Correo Argentino has 2 Logistics Operations Centers located in Buenos Aires, fully equipped with advanced tools which are the product of technological advancement that the company adapts. It can also accommodate thousands of national distributions in 2,500 destinations.

Its 1,150 vehicles are equipped with GPS system so staffs can adequately monitor the routes of the deliveries. Each vehicle is designed based on the size and weight of the shipment. The company has inventory management platform to secure your goods while in the warehouse or during transportation.

Whether you want to send a document, parcel, postcard, or letter, Correo Argentino has everything you need. It has six regional documentation scanning centers to ensure the item is secure and is dispatched quickly. With 1,491 Argentine Mail Delivery Points, you have a peace of mind that you don’t have to wait in the queue just to receive the assistance you need.

In addition to these impressive qualities the company has to offer, it also provides pickup of cargo deliveries, customs management, clearances, returns to suppliers, packaging, advanced scanning of parcels, and digitalization of delivery documents. Every aspect and process are made with utmost care and security.

Correo Argentino has dramatically adapted to the advancement of the technology. It allows them to provide faster service with efficiency. The company is presently being competitive in every aspect, whether it might be customer service, processes it uses, and technological tools. It is serious in implementing its mission right at the time the business began.