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About Brazil Correios

Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos (ECT) or known as The Brazilian Post or Brazil Correios, was founded on January 25, 1663 in Brazil and fully owned and maintained by the Federal Government of Brazil under Ministry of Communications. It is founded to provide quality services to clients that meet their expectations as a national postal service. Starting on 2011, in line with technology advancement, Brazil Correios made a lot of changes and improvement by turning to deep modernization process.

Under this rastreamento correios (courier tracking), there have e-commerce platform which is CorreiosNet Shopping, Banco Postal (banking), Boleto (bill payment collection) and express mail delivery service, Sedex. Apart from being of the main products in the company, Sedex also leads expresses sector within the country. Today, Sedex has improved the service by organizing efficiently the items delivery by adding new modalities which are e-Sedex, Sedex 10, Sedex 12, Sedex Hoje and Sedex Mundi.

  • e-Sedex: Correios express parcel service for products acquired through electronic commerce (via internet). Express parcel service for products acquired from e-Commerce or via internet.
  • Sedex 10: Express line parcel service for document shipment that guaranteed shipment delivery before 10 am on the day following the postage day.
  • Sedex 12: Express shipping service for documents and goods that guaranteed shipment delivery before 12 pm on the day following the postage day.
  • Sedex Hoje: Hoje refer to today, which mean this express shipping service of documents and goods with guaranteed delivery on the same day of the posting.
  • Sedex Mundi: International express service for the sending of documents with good preservation and guarantee of the term of delivery.

Brazil Correios international service network has been all over the world, which are more than 220 countries. So, this can lead to the success of their company’s vision to be a world class company.